Alison Bramich

Nutritionist // Hedgewitch

Alison Bramich is a Nutritionist who strongly believes in the healing power of food & aims to replenish the culture & ritual of eating for the management of health & wellness. The development of personalised food plans is something that Alison enjoys & has a talent for. Her treatment programs can be for general health & wellbeing; for specific ailments or conditions, such as food intolerances, skin conditions & hormonal abnormalities; or during special circumstances such as pregnancy, menopause, puberty, chronic illness & stress. The focus for Alison during a consultation is health, happiness & wellness. She aims to achieve this by taking a close look into nutritional balance, health status & general wellbeing with the intent of correcting any imbalances observed. Alison has had training in Reiki, Aromatherapy, Western Medical Herbalism, and Homeopathic First Aid & has a current First Aid Certificate. To support your health & wellbeing, Alison utilises all of her specialised skills to provide Holistic Wellness consultations, Shamanic Reiki treatment, and Personalised & Group Meditation sessions.

Alison is a granddaughter of the now deceased tribal elder of the Karawara Islands, East New Britain Province PNG, & the descendant of a long line of farming folk originating from Wales & England. She was raised to respect the laws of the land, the spirit of the Creator & the importance of holding ceremonial space. Alison began her training as a Hedgewitch 26 years ago at the age of 16 & was under the guidance of her Shamanic mentor for 6 years. She provides Tarot & Rune readings, community & one-on-one Rituals, Mentoring programs, Workshops & Retreats.

Alison has 4 healthy sons that have benefited from her path in natural health & holistic wellbeing. She is most at home preparing a feast in the kitchen, with her nose in a book, spending time with her granddaughter, wandering through the forest, playing games with her family or strolling through a food market. Her life experiences have given her a unique perspective & a very open mind, and her gentle nature quickly places people at ease.